Friday, 8 March 2013

Black is back!

TJH87- Break Away Kicks

When it comes to black and white, it's all about POWER of two. Now every fashion magazine has its own page dedicated just to black and white accessories, clothes and shoes. All the high fashion brands that are recognizable worldwide such as; Prada , Bottega Veneta, JW Anderson, Miu Miu and many, many others but also those more affordable brands like; TOP SHOP, ZARA , OFFICE and so on. These shops or more I should say designers, create these pieces and are the trendsetter and we all try to follow them or at least base our look on those trends. Like myself I don't always follow those trends because they change so quickly that I would probably turn out as a shopaholic . However I sometimes do follow them when I like the new trends but I NEVER forget my own style and I hope you won't too. ;-)

Jacket: ZARA, Glaws: OCHNIK, Skirt: H&M, T-Shirt: TOP SHOP, Shoes: Calvin Klein, Collar: Miss Selfridges, Bag: Migato, Belts: ZARA, Next