Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Technology & Fashion


 "Airplane" Dress, spring/summer 2000 (remade 2006)
Hussein Chalayan (British, born Cyprus, 1970)
Fiberglass, metal, cotton, synthetic; L. at center back 37 in. (94 cm)
Purchase, Friends of The Costume Institute Gifts, 2006 (2006.251a–c)

 This dress is an edition of one that was first shown in Chalayan's spring/summer 2000 collection. Like the original, it is made of a composite material created from fiberglass and resin cast in a specially designed mold. Also like the original, it has side and rear flaps that open to reveal a mass of pink tulle. While these flaps are operated manually in this model, in the original they were operated mechanically by remote control!!!
His creations are a perfect mix of science, art, sometimes the relationship between nature and culture. Worn by Erika Wall on the runway.

Monday, 30 March 2015

The Italian Fashion Exhibition 2014

Last ,most inspiring exhibition I attended was the ‘Italian Fashion Exhibition’ at the Victoria &Albert Museum. I had a chance to have a close look at each and every detail of many, extravagant and classic, timeless pieces collected for about two years from 30 different archives from New York’s museum to tiny art stores in Italy. There were small photographs, accessories, first design sketches videos with many historical first fashion show in the Fifties and the couture pieces itself. It was a mix of many well know designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Prada, Gucci and many more. For me it was unforgettable experience to see the beginnings of international growth for ready-to-wear as well as to see one of the first designs of the fashion dictators still today. The whole exhibition started off with the vintage designs followed by the more funky and modern pieces. As I progressed further into the most visually impressive rooms where I could find one of the most beautiful, hand-made pieces I can remember many that I was fascinated with. I visually captured the green, Bulgari diamond necklace , hand-printed Dolce & Gabbana ballgown and a floor-length dress by Valentino just to list a few. 

I also enjoyed it as at the end there was a little cinema where I was able to see some of the interviews by for example; Missoni, Valentino himself and many other people helping to realize the making process of each haute couture piece. I remember part where I could see how each element was hand-stitched to the dress and tried on by Natalia Vodianova before the show. For me it was like visiting a fashion temple where I could experience small part of creativity and craftsmanship of most appreciated ,fashion designers in the world as well as have a little insight of the whole process and see the people who work and collaborate with them in order to make each piece.

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