Thursday, 28 August 2014


I really struggle to find the best and coolest sneakers for myself. There are so many to choose from not mentioning you can design your own ones at Nike ID online or in store ( e.g. at Oxford). Here are only FEW example of the ones I found different and interesting.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

01 Issue

 M.I.A- Bad Girls (Nonsens Remix)

I haven't post anything in a long time... Somehow I just found posting outfits slightly overwhelming and boring. These days everyone is a 'fashion blogger' and knows a lot about fashion. I had to take a break and maybe soon I will improve few things and do it my way not the way everyone think it should be. Today I thought I should write about something that many people think about and perhaps is a concern these days. I was flicking through V Magazine/ Backstage Jean Paul Gaultier pics. I love the new collection, it's something I was studying before summer break at college. Fashion of the future and the way fashion will change and transform. Many zips, extravagant shapes, shiny, metallic colours and materials. FW 14 is something we saw in star trek movies but at the same time , nothing like 'I've completely seen it before', doesn't come to my mind. Straight to the point, I wanted to talk about the fact that we always see young, I would say horribly young girls showing fashion for grown women fully aware of their sexuality which I think is a bit... strange? When I enter to a luxury boutique from a top shelve ,prices are also from the top one.First thing that comes to my mind is who are the clients then? Definitely young people who's parents are rich or somehow in the age of 16 yrs old they have their own source, job or business and earn thousands or millions. Ofcourse now there are more people who are very young and already are successful with substantial bank accounts. Let's be honest though, mostly audience are grown up women and men who want to shop in most of these shops so why the shop window display is full of amazing photographs of size 32-36 youngsters? How many women are really size 32? Why don't they show older women who actually shop there? This issue started to be a headache for a bigger group of people which started to notice that something is wrong here. More older women and men started to be shown in luxury magazines such as V Magazine, Elle and even Vogue. These people who have more experience and a fashion history to share and finally take a bigger role in fashion life and create a new image and fresh point of view as 'fresh' doesn't mean young? I think that very young girl don't wear 15cm heels to school accompanied with a long trench coat or I'm just wrong. Here are some photographs which I love found in many magazines that I read and get inspiration from.