Sunday, 1 December 2013

Goodbye Summer

Drake- Too Much (ft.Sampha)
Here I have photographs taken quite long time ago and I completely forgotten about them. I guess posting them will be like saying goodbye to the summer memories and soon I will be showing you some of my winter outfit ideas. Usually I don't wear maxi dresses as I think they make me look a bit older but when it comes to colors like red and orange you have to say yes to that.

The bracelet that you can see was a present from unknown little shop in Sicily , Italy with hand-made jewelery. I personally love original stuff especially JEWELERY because everyone want's to have that one thing that no one else has ,plus sometimes it doesn't cost that much. Personally I love expensive jewelery but to be honest in some cases we are only paying for the brand and there's thousand of the same copies and why spend so much if you can have that one piece just for you...

                     Photography : Marina Potapchuk 
                        Dress MANGO