Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lonodn Fashion Week/ Somerset House

Chip Ivory- Get Em High For This (Ellie Goulding x Kayne West)
 Ritz- Switch Lanes ft. Mike Posner

Fashion week begun with a fresh and energetic vibe this year and London's serious fashion people were wearing the brand head-to-toe that got them noticed. From simple new fashion movement of 'cleanism' which isn't about minimalism or post-modernism but it's a simplified approach, less confrontational than decades earlier, just pure and uncomplicated. Followed by freaky bright color lovers, rainbow hair or jewelery fans. We also had a chance to see classy edge and fur faux matches. Today I chose something simple but combined it with my favorite pieces such as fur blazer, leather pencil skirt and of course high heel boots. I hope you will get a feel of fashion week's atmosphere and get inspired by London's fashionistas.

                    Photography : Oliwia Kajzer

Skirt: Top Shop , Fur Blazer: OCHNIK, Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Bag pack: Hacket London, Watch : Atlantic, Boots: VENECIA

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