Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Maroon dress.

Wilkinson- Dirty Love Remix

                             Ph Oliver Villegas
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Monday, 1 September 2014

In The Red.

Dreamers Delight- Under the Sheets

''Red serves as a style statement these days indicating a woman who wants to be noticed''

Every color that is bright or deep looks amazing and that's not a question. Yellow, blue,pink,orange and there is also RED. Red has that something, that spark. Whenever it's on our lips,our nails or our clothes, it represents something bold and it comes with more baggage than any other shade in the spectrum. We are so familiar with that color like with any other but it still raises temperature and can excite controversy at times. We've seen red in fashion through out all these years but when it comes back on runway we still get a feeling that it's fresh and totally new. Maybe it's because in red we don't need to add much. I have a red dress, there's nothing else to add or said. Let's go back 54 years to the past when Valentino Garavani popularized red gowns in 60s. It became the Italian designer's signature and most desirable ,first for actresses, singers and all celebrities then by the whole world. Red serves as a style statement not only today but also in the past. However some things has changed. Today it indicates a woman who wants to be noticed  and not only as being a sexual predator. Many women were noticed or even got famous for their passion for red making their mark in show-business like Merlin Monroe and Rita Hayworth in 40s/50s , Madonna, Rita Ora and her red lips or Sky Ferreira just to list a few. There is red to suit almost any character. Starting from orange scarlet to dark maroon shade, from a red dress to small red accessory , maybe vintage style ruby ring?
The biggest question is ''.. did red became such a dominant, overpowering ,sexual color because it's bright or were the charismatic and confident people the only ones brave enough to tackle its brightness?''

 Photography Oliver Villegas/ others internet

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