Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentino exhibition

As we all know Valentino is one of the most incredible designers of all times and he is most famous for his RED dresses. We are so lucky to have his exhibition here in London in Somerset House. It is available for everyone and I highly recommend it to all of you that are interested in designing or just for those who love art and beauty. However if you wish but you can't come to see the exhibition you can always download 'Valentino Garavani Museum' straight to your computer and get a hint of what you could see inside. There were variation of dresses from 1950's as well as as those a little less vintage. You could get a closer sight of them and see all the perfect combinations and decorations on all of the dresses with a description of who worn them as well as description of the material used and all other details. It was a really joy-full experience for an artist of fashion lover like myself. Only disadvantage was that taking pictures was not allowed and so I can't post them on my blog and show them to you but now, you have a motivation to see it for yourself but you need to be quick because it ends 3rd March 2013.

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