Friday, 4 April 2014

Carnival Magazine 01

Today I'm showing you something that have done recently with my friend photographer Oliver Villegas. We wanted to shoot something different from what we usually do outdoors , the typical blogg shooting. It was really cool experience as it was only one day notice so basically i prepared on the spot. We had no studio as there was nothing that could be rented on the day so we created a mini studio in my own living room using white bed sheets and tape ;D. This time we took part in the photography contest of a new and first issue of upcoming  CARNIVAL MAGAZINE . It will be released in May 2014. It's very colorful and creative, fashion magazine. I didn't have a chance to read more about it as there was not much information on their website. I guess we will have to wait and see for ourselves ;). We wanted to be creative and use colors, funky pieces and hair styles. However as you might noticed from the things I show here I like to keep my natural make up only sometimes adding some strong lipstick and eyeliner. I can't wait to get the results , maybe one of many sent photos will be chosen to be in the first issue. Here I'm going to show you few of them that I mostly liked.

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