Sunday, 7 April 2013

Perfect Converse Sneakers

 I have spent so much time looking for perfect converse sneakers, I didn't want any plain ones because everyone has them so I took time and tried to find most interesting ones. I recently found these ones and I think they are pretty cool because I never seen anyone wearing them before.The golden shine of material and the black ,tiger prints for sure stands out in the crowd and catches 'sneakers-lover' eyes.I personally love to buy them because you can always change their character from casual to smart and so on. I know many people would oppose that idea but I enjoy wearing them with mini or maxi dresses but for that I prefer more plain converses for example; white, black or any other colour that matches with your outfit to tone down the look. What do you think?

;-) KeelaFAB

Surkin and Canblaster- Stronger

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