Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New Zealand. Arrowtown.

FKJ-Learn To Fly

Driving to our next destination from well known Queenstown in New Zealannd we had a small break and decided to explore that little, yet so packed with breathtaking views, smell of nature and freshly grounded coffee on the streets,  place called Arrowtown. I had a sip of hazelnut coffee and my favorite quinoa salad while enjoying the fresh, brisk air and the sun as much as I could before going back to London (no need for explanation here ;))

Arrowtown is built on the banks of the Arrow River, and is the home of unique scenery and almost Western like architecture. It seems like time has stopped for a while and time passed a tiny bit slower. I didn't have as much time to inhale all of that beauty as I would wanted but hopefully I will have another chance to do so in the future! 

I love living in the city like London but at that moment I felt ridiculously jealous for the people that gets to wake up to some of the views in Southern Lakes District. Just a minute walk from the passage of small coffee bars and restaurants we could see the flashing color of aquamarine water. What was most spectacular, was the fact that at the same time we could see the icy white ,covered with snow mountains from the beach! That mix of sights is unforgettable.

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